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Suture And Laceration Repair Specialist

Mansfield Urgent Care & Family Medicine

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When life doesn’t go as you expect and you end up with a cut that requires stitches, it’s important to find a doctor who’s experienced in suturing wounds. An experienced physician focuses on limiting discomfort, stopping bleeding, and preventing unsightly scarring while they repair your wound. The team at Mansfield Urgent Care & Family Medicine in Mansfield, Texas, has extensive experience in laceration repair and offers walk-in appointments for your convenience.

Suture and Laceration Repair Q & A

What steps can you take at home for cuts that require stitches?

Cuts that affect the face, are deep, impact a blood vessel, or bleed profusely require medical intervention, but there are steps you can take to control the bleeding and prevent infection while in transit to urgent care. First, apply direct pressure to the wound using an absorbent material like a towel or T-shirt. Then, elevate the wound to a level higher than your heart if possible.

How can minor cuts be treated at home?

Minor cuts are common and can be treated easily without medical intervention by following these steps:

  1. Apply pressure to the cut until bleeding slows or stops
  2. Cleanse the wound with warm, soapy water
  3. Apply an antibiotic ointment to your cut
  4. Cover with a bandage

Do sutures (stitches) hurt?

Getting sutures would be painful if it wasn’t for local anesthesia. The doctor injects anesthesia near the injury, which makes you numb and eliminates pain from both the injury itself and the process of suturing. The numbing injection is more painful in some areas than others, but is still the most comfortable option for you.

When should sutures be removed?

The timing for suture removal depends on the depth of the laceration and the location of the injury. In general, sutures are removed 3-10 days after the initial visit. The staff will let you know when to return for suture removal before you leave Mansfield Urgent Care & Family Medicine.

What risks and complications are associated with untreated cuts and lacerations?

If you have a laceration that requires medical attention and don’t get the treatment you need, complications can occur. Common complications include infection in the wound and surrounding bone or tissue, poor healing, and severe or unsightly scarring. If you aren’t sure if your injury requires sutures, visit Mansfield Urgent Care & Family Medicine for evaluation to avoid complications.

Are there any restrictions while sutures are in place?

There are a few restrictions. Sutures should be kept clean and dry, which means that swimming, hot tubs, baths, and dishwashing (for wounds on the hand, wrist, or forearm) should be avoided while the sutures are in place.


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